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Wimborne St Giles

Church of England First School and Nursery

"We flourish not for our own sake, but so we can look outwards and give."


'Together We Grow: Together We Give' - Ezekiel 47 : 12

Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum Intent:

“We flourish, not for our own sake, but so that we can look outwards and give” St Augustine


At Wimborne St Giles, we have designed a curriculum that aims to be irresistible and ambitious and equips all our children so that they flourish and, in turn, supports the flourishing of their own community and the world beyond.


In order to ensure that learning is relevant and meaningful to all our pupils, skills are learnt alongside knowledge, predominantly through the delivery of a fully inclusive and immersive, based curriculum. Teaching and learning in this way, supports children to make connections within and across their learning experience. Immersive cross-curricular teaching allows children’s natural curiosity to flourish, alongside the purposeful acquisition of knowledge and skills; deepening their engagement and understanding. At Wimborne St Giles, we firmly believe that every child can master an understanding and love of all subjects.  All our children are taught each subject for mastery through an inclusive and transformative approach, which helps every child to develop a deep, long-term and adaptable understanding of each subject.


Carefully planned opportunities aim to inspire a life-long love of learning, promoting positive learning behaviours and helping all our children to grow as confident and ambitious individuals, ready to thrive in an ever changing world.


Through the curriculum, all our children will have the opportunity to become the best communicators, innovators, creators, designers and performers they can be. They will learn about the wonders of the world around them, with opportunities to investigate the history, geography and science of their world.  They will learn about themselves as human beings, their place within their community and the world beyond and begin to understand the positive impact they can have on their own lives, the lives of others and on the world in which they live.  


At Wimborne St Giles, in order to achieve the ambitious aims we set for our children, we implement our curriculum in the following ways:


  • All our learning is underpinned by our Christian values of: Love, Hope and Joy
  • All staff work together to ensure that teaching and learning takes place, in a fully inclusive environment ,where everyone feels safe, respected and valued as unique individuals
  • Teaching and learning is set within a stimulating environment and delivered by inspiring staff committed to supporting each child to be successful and reach their full potential
  • Learning is coherently planned and sequenced through discreet teaching of every subject, to ensure progression and continuity across the school
  • A 'Big Question' forms the starting point for enquiry based learning promoting critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and communication
  • All children have regular opportunities to work both collaboratively and independently, where they are supported to develop resilience, become self-reflective learners and feel confident to rise to new challenges
  • WOW Days and Experiences are planned during each unit of learning, to stimulate curiosity and promote engagement in the new learning
  • Additional Creative Curriculum Days are carefully planned throughout the year, to further enrich curriculum knowledge and skills
  • Enriched extra-curricular activities and experiences are planned for all children to access as part of the our 'Grow and Give' programme which is timetabled and carefully planned each week - this presents all our children with opportunities they may not otherwise be able to experience, with new skills to acquire and also provides them with opportunities to serve the wider local, national and global communities

The Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum


We have chosen to follow the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum which sets out essential coverage, learning objectives and standards which are required for all subjects. Furthermore, it provides progress measures for all subjects including personal development. 

One of the primary reasons why we have chosen to adopt this curriculum is because it emphasises the importance of developing the depth of children’s learning. In essence, this means providing children with increased cognitive challenge, allowing them to apply the skills which they have learnt independently in a range of contexts rather than moving them onto the next skill needlessly when they have not truly mastered it. Such thinking is encapsulated in the scenario below:



At Wimborne St Giles, we want to challenge our children to become independent, well-round individuals who take ownership of their learning and become deep thinkers. Moreover, we want our children to be able to apply their knowledge and skill set in a range of contexts within school and real life. 

For more information regarding the coverage, objectives and standards for specific subjects, please click on the buttons on the Curriculum Main Page.


For a copy of the Essentials Curriculum content, and how we assess this,  click the links below:


Introduction to the Essentials Curriculum

Curriculum Overviews for each Key Stage