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Wimborne St Giles

Church of England First School and Nursery

"We flourish not for our own sake, but so we can look outwards and give."


'Together We Grow: Together We Give' - Ezekiel 47 : 12


Today, we are going to play some games to help you practice your phonics. 


Phonics Snap


First, Write the sounds that you have been practicing on to small pieces of paper or card.

Next, write words containing the sounds that you have been practicing on to small pieces of paper or card.

After that, shuffle the sound and word cards together and share them between yourself and another player. 

Finally, play a game of snap with them - if you put down the sound followed by the word with that sound - SNAP! you win!

Play-doh phonics


First, write the sounds you have been practicing onto pieces of card or paper.

Next, turn them face down on the table.

After that, turn a card over.

Finally, make a word containing that sound out of play-doh. 


Continue until you have turned all of the cards over. 


Try this game again from last week:


First, write one of the sounds you have been practicing in the middle of your whiteboard.

Next, come up with as many words as possible with that sound in. Write them around you sound.

After that, write a sentence or two with the words you came up with.

Here's another game to play:


First, Write the sounds that you have been learning on to pieces of card or paper.

Next, put each card on a different step of your stairs. 

After that, find a small ball (or a balled up pair of socks). 

Finally, toss the ball up the stair, whichever step the ball lands on, you need to say that sound. 


Extension: once you have read the sound, can you come up with a word?