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"We flourish not for our own sake, but so we can look outwards and give."


'Together We Grow: Together We Give' - Ezekiel 47 : 12

Common illnesses and conditions in school

Common illnesses and conditions in school

What you should do?

For more detailed information, please see guidance document (link above)

Infection or Complaint       Recommended period to be kept away from school 
Chicken Pox Until all vesicles have crusted over ***
Diarrhoea and/or vomiting 48 hours from LAST episode of diarrhoea or vomiting  
Conjunctivitus None  
Flu Until recovered  ***
Hand, foot and mouth None  
Head lice


(Treatment is recommended in cases where live lice
have been seen)

Impetigo Until lesions are crusted and healed or 48 hours
after starting antibiotic treatment
Rash Children with rashes should be considered infectious
and be assessed by their doctor.
Slapped cheek/fifth disease None (once rash has developed) ***


(There are many causes, but most cases are due to viruses
and do not need and antibiotic) (There are many causes,
but most cases are due to viruses and do not
need an antibiotic)



(Treatment is recommended for the child and
ho usehold contacts)
Warts and verrucae None (Verrucae should be covered)  

*** Take further advice - 'Vulnerable Children and Female Staff'