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Wimborne St Giles

Church of England First School and Nursery

"We flourish not for our own sake, but so we can look outwards and give."


'Together We Grow: Together We Give' - Ezekiel 47 : 12

Reading and Spelling

WALT: write a recount.


You made a fantastic start yesterday. Please use your time today to complete then next part of your Half Term recount. 


Remember to write about what you did in chronological order, using the time connectives we discussed such as:


On Shrove Tuesday, 


On Thursday, 


At the weekend,  


Every time we write about the next thing that we did, we start on a new line. 


Remember, to use lots of adjectives and adverbs (ly words) to make your half term sound as exciting as possible. 





Only if you have time, you could try this spelling activity. 


WALT: spell correctly.


You will need:

  •  A4 paper, folded in 6 equal parts.
  • a dice
  • coloured pens


First, number each section of your paper, 1-6. 

Next, write the following next to each number:


1: Rainbow write

2: write using tiny letters

3: write with your eyes closed

4: Bubble write

5: write backwards

6: write a silly sentence containing your word.


I have uploaded a template you can use if you prefer. 


After that, pick 6 tricky words from the attached sheet, write them down, numbered 1-6.

Then, roll the dice to pick a word.

Finally, roll the dice again to pick a way the write your word!


Can you fill your piece of paper?