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Wimborne St Giles

Church of England First School and Nursery

"We flourish not for our own sake, but so we can look outwards and give."


'Together We Grow: Together We Give' - Ezekiel 47 : 12


We are continuing to explore 'The Lost Words' by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris. 

Today we are going to read 'Kingfisher' and then have a go at answering the questions! 






Now you have read the poem, have a go at the activities and questions below! 


Wonder words

What do these mean? (If you don't have a dictionary at home, you can look up the definition of words using this online dictionary here)

◆ feather-stream

◆ slings its arrow

◆ Halcyon (research different meanings for this word)

◆ Angler


Try using them with  by creating different sentences.


Seek, find, speak: Images 


  • ‘carves its hollow In the water’ - what image do you see in your mind’s when you read these words? 
  •  ‘slings its arrow superswift’ – what image do you see when you hear these words?


What other word in the spell fits with the arrow image?



  • Read the poem several times and think about pace (or speed!)
  • Which parts do you think should be calm and slow and which parts fast or accelerating (getting faster)?
  •  Practise reading aloud (with a partner if you have one).
  • Record and see if you can add background film or graphics.


OPTIONAL CHALLENGES if you finish the activities above - choose the one you'd like to do! 

 Creative challenge

  • Create a dance to the words of the spell, possibly using long lengths of fabric for the river and ribbons to help depict the kingfisher’s movements.


Quick abstract art challenge

  • Read the poem and list the colours it conjures in your mind.
  • Collect all the colours and materials you think you might need to create an abstract picture or collage to re-create some of the images in the poem 


Research challenge

Find out about the kingfisher and create an information poster or factfile

 Search: YouTube Common Kingfisher Catching Fish; RSPB or click here for the RSPB Kingfisher page.